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Traditional vs. SWHSAH Approach: Contrasting Paths

In traditional sales, the journey often feels straightforward, focused on the end goal: the sale. This focus can lead to a mindset where the means justify the ends, sometimes venturing into manipulative tactics. But SWHSAH™  invites us on a more fulfilling path or course – building trust, understanding needs, and aligning & creating solutions with those needs. It's not just about making a sale; it's about forming a partnership where both parties emerge better off, enriching the travel experience for everyone involved.

In a very real sense, the last thing this approach is about is making the sale. For the client to not only be better off but BEST off, they need to be able to make a more informed decision, devoid as much as possible of bias and steerage from potential sellers so that the prospect gets the best outcome for them, rather than an acceptable outcome for them but the best outcome for the seller.

This might sound like it will result in the seller ending up with less than they might otherwise have achieved in terms of the bankable value they get from the sale. But the reverse is true - their reputation and brand go up enormously, the level of trust they engender in the prospect or client is huge, and it results in 2 things: a far greater chance the prospect will come back for more (and also tell others about you, the seller) and a far greater chance they will pay your full-margin asking price or even a premium - and be happy about it!

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